5 Super Easy Tricks to Save Time in the Gym

save time

We allknow exercise is important for us — but how exactly do you find the time to workout? With our kids, jobs, families, and friends, it seems like we're always crunched. Thus, once we do make it to the gym, we need to use tactics to save time and maximize our results. Follow these tips and ...
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Want REAL Core Strength? Stop Doing Crunches and Start Doing These Six Exercises

core strength

Everyone wants a strong, sexy core. Especially golfers. And it doesn't matter whether your handicap is thirty-three or three, great core strength will improve your balance, boost your distance, and help prevent catastrophic back injuries — ultimately, that means lower scores, more skins, and ...
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Take a Bigger Backswing and Get More Power With The Best Chest Stretch Ever

chest stretch

The bigger the turn, the bigger the distance. With a huge backswing, you'll make a bigger coil with your body — like loading a spring — and release that extra energy and power through the ball. Yet, to take a big backswing, you need more upper-body flexibility and a lot of golfers struggle with ...
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